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Protect your possessions and help pay for unexpected expenses with affordable Renters Insurance. In addition to your belongings, Renters Insurance can pay for medical bills if you're responsible for someone else's injuries at your residence and temporary living expenses if you're forced to live elsewhere because your home is uninhabitable due to a covered incident. 


Personal Property 

A standard Renters Insurance policy covers damage to your personal belongings, up to your policy's limits, such as furniture, clothing, electronics and appliances you own. Damaged or stolen personal property can also be covered while travelling or in a storage unit. Depending on your policy, personal items may be covered for their Replacement Cost Value or Actual Cash Value.


Certain limitations may apply to high-value items like jewelry, art and heirlooms. Additional coverage may be available for valuables by "scheduling" an item, also known as adding an "insurance rider" to your policy.


Loss of Use 

If you're unable to stay in your rental unit due to a covered incident, Loss of Use coverage may pay for hotel, rent and food expenses above your normal cost of living. Be sure to keep your receipts so your expenses can be properly documented and reimbursed.


Personal Liability

If you're liable for injuries to another person or damage to their property, Personal Liability may cover you up to the limits of your policy, as well as lawsuit costs.


Medical Payments 

If someone gets injured in your rental space, Medical Payments coverage may pay for their medical bills up to your policy's limit. 


Water Back-Up

Some apartments and rental homes have sump pumps in their basements or crawl spaces. If plumbing or sewer systems get backed up, water can seep into your place and cause costly damage. Adding Water Back-Up coverage on your Renters Insurance policy may pay for damage to your belongings and the cost of water removal.


Personal Injury 

Personal Injury coverage may pay for your legal fees and damages you owe from slander or libel lawsuits, which is something you say or write that damages someone's reputation or business. 




You can save an average of 3% when you bundle Renters and Auto Insurance (discount will be applied to your Auto Policy). You can also combine many other policies, including Renters and Motorcycle, Boat and Renters and more. You may get extra discounts for each.


Pay in Full 

Another easy discount anyone can earn simply for paying your policy upfront in full. 


Secured/Gated Community

You'll earn a discount if you drive by a security guard or use a key or remote to enter a gated complex/community.


Single Deductible Benefit  

If you bundle Renters and Auto insurance with us, only one deductible applies. That means if you have an incident that causes you to file a claim on both your renters and auto policy, you'll receive reimbursement for one of your deductibles.

Example: Your car is stolen, along with some of your belongings in the trunk. Your Auto Policy covers the theft of your vehicle and your Renters Policy covers your belongings. If you had your Auto and Renters Insurance with separate companies, you'd likely pay a deductible for both claims. But if you have both policies bundled with Progressive, you'll save by getting reimbursed for one of the deductibles.


Receive Documents by Email

If you're comfortable receiving your documents via email, we'll apply another discount to your policy. 

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